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New Red Sea Whale seen attacking dolphins at the Saudi shores.

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The whales were spotted chasing a dolphin at the beach Ras Muhaisen, south of Jeddah.

Diver and marine life expert have known for brand spanking new studies into the interest of Red Sea whales after the primary showed sighting of a pod of orcas in the waters given that 2018. The killer whales have been noticed and filmed through sailors on a small boat on Jan. 12 seemingly attacking a dolphin near shore off Ras Muhaisen, south of Al-Lith governorate. Orcas have formerly been visible in the Red Sea of Eritrea and Egypt with the ultimate sighting idea to be in the Gulf of Aqaba 3 years ago. Marine science professional Mahmoud Mohammed instructed Arab News that it became unusual for a pod to be visible so near land. “Whales aren’t studied in the Red Sea as regularly as they’re in different seas across the world, and consequently it’s far crucial to heighten efforts to observe marine existence in the Red Sea extra broadly,” he said. “There are sixteen species of whales in the Red Sea, which includes the orca, and a few human beings accept as true with that its look is because of weather and temperature changes.” Although maximum normally observed in glacial waters, killer whales inhabit maximum of the world’s oceans and seas, including the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, however, had been not often visible near shore, he added. “In 2018, however, one became noticed at the beaches of Al-Seif in Al-Lith governorate.”

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The mammal feeds on 60 species of fish and dolphins, large squid, and octopus even though there had been isolated reviews of killer whales attacking humans, Mohammed talked about that those were not usually to have food.Dr Abdullah Al-Shaalan, an environmental professional and educational at King Saud University, informed Arab News that whales normally desired deep waters far from seashores and human activity. “One of the maximum famous whales is the blue whale that is the biggest dwelling animal on Earth and might attain as much as 30 meters in duration and weigh almost two hundred tons. It is likewise one of the maximum endangered species, and therefore, it’s miles unlawful to seize it,” he said. “Their our bodies are streamlined, and that they have a tail and dorsal fins that assist them in moving. They additionally breathe thru the lungs, and air enters them through the nozzle on the pinnacle of the pinnacle in which it acts as a unique breathing device that lets in it to live underwater for lengthy intervals without taking oxygen so that it movements now and again below the floor of the water, and now and again it jumps above the floor,” introduced Al-Shaalan. Like different mammals, whales deliver delivery in place of generating eggs and nurse their younger with milk. “Whales hold a regular frame temperature irrespective of the temperature of the encompassing environment, whilst nearly all fish are cold-blooded,” Al-Shaalan said.

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