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New Jeans Dominates Melon Music Awards 2023 with Five Wins

South Korean K-pop newcomers New Jeans emerged victorious, taking home five coveted trophies.

At the highly anticipated Melon Music Awards 2023 on Yeongjong Island in Incheon, South Korea, K-pop newcomers New Jeans emerged triumphant, securing five prestigious awards.

New Jeans’ Resounding Success:

The rising K-pop quintet New Jeans stole the spotlight at MMA 2023, outshining other industry giants like NCT Dream and Ive. 

Their chart-topping hit single, “Ditto,” propelled them to claim two of the evening’s most coveted honors: Artist of the Year and Best Song of the Year.

During their acceptance speech, New Jeans expressed profound gratitude to their dedicated fanbase, affectionately called “Bunnies.” 

They pledged to continue evolving and showcasing even greater facets of their talent in the future as a gesture of appreciation for the overwhelming support.

Sweeping Triumph:

Beyond their headline victories, the group scooped up three additional accolades at the Inspire Arena, securing Best Female Group, inclusion in the Top 10 Artists, and earning a spot among the Millions Top 10 Albums.

While New Jeans claimed the limelight, fellow K-pop sensations Ive and NCT Dream also claimed significant awards. 

I’ve clinched the Album of the Year for their debut full-length album, “I’ve Ive,” while NCT Dream took home the prestigious Record of the Year award.

New Jeans’ Remarkable Journey:

Debuting in July 2022 under the ADOR label, a part of the HYBE entertainment conglomerate, New Jeans swiftly ascended to become a beloved fixture in the K-pop scene. 

Their repertoire of hits, including “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” and “OMG,” solidified their position as fan favorites.

Comprising five talented members—Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein—New Jeans’ cohesive synergy and individual prowess contributed to their meteoric rise within the industry.

Historical Milestone:

Adding to their list of achievements, New Jeans made history by becoming the first female artist to clinch the prestigious Artist of the Year titles at both the MAMA and MMA awards within the same year. 

Their consecutive wins underscore their exceptional impact and resonance within the K-pop realm.

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