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Neslihan Bayav: Empowering Women in Tech on the Global Stage of Miss Europe Continental

Neslihan Bayav

Representing Turkey at Miss Europe Continental 2023

Neslihan Bayav, a name that resonates with success and inspiration, is set to represent Turkey in the prestigious Miss Europe Continental 2023 competition in Naples, Italy. But Neslihan is not just any contestant. She’s a remarkable combination of beauty, brains, and entrepreneurial spirit.

A Journey of Excellence

Born in Turkey, Neslihan’s journey is a tale of relentless pursuit of dreams. She graduated top of her class from Maltepe University’s Industrial Engineering Department on a full scholarship. Her academic excellence propelled her into an international career, leading her to the United Kingdom.

Neslihan, 33, is a dynamic businesswoman who has launched two successful companies. She currently holds a senior managerial position at one of the world’s largest chocolate brands. Her role as the European Purchasing Manager reflects her expertise and business acumen.

More Than a Beauty Queen

Neslihan views her participation in Miss Europe Continental as a platform to inspire and empower women. She’s determined to use this opportunity to highlight issues like gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the significant role of technology in our society. Her aim goes beyond personal gains; she wants to create social awareness and challenge societal norms.

2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, and Neslihan feels honored to represent her country during this significant year. She plans to use the international attention from the beauty contest to promote projects that enhance women’s economic and social positions, especially in the field of technology.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Neslihan is the visionary behind Byvoria, a women’s underwear brand, and Uvoria, a tech company. Uvoria is developing an AI-powered app promoting sustainability and circular economy in the fashion and textile industry. Her businesses focus on consumer behavior and reducing environmental footprints.


Neslihan Bayav’s participation in Miss Europe Continental 2023 is more than just a pursuit of a crown. It’s a statement that women can excel in leadership roles, chase their dreams, and play influential roles in society. She is a true embodiment of a modern woman who juggles beauty with brains and business with finesse.

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