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Neena Mulaokar: From Commerce Graduate to Construction Business Leader

Neena Mulaokar: From Commerce Graduate to Construction Business Leader

Balancing Family and Business in the UAE

Neena Mulaokar’s journey from a commerce student in Mumbai to a key player in the UAE construction industry is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and dedication. Her story is one of leveraging education and early work experiences to eventually support her family business in a challenging and technical field.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Mumbai, Neena grew up in a close-knit joint family. Despite limited resources, her family instilled in her the values of resourcefulness and contentment. She excelled academically, completing her 10th board exams with distinction and opting for the commerce stream in college due to her interest in accounts and related fields.

During her summer vacations in college, Neena seized an opportunity to work as a sophomore in a nationalized bank. This experience allowed her to learn and earn simultaneously, enriching her understanding of the corporate world. After graduating from KPB Hinduja College of Commerce, she embarked on a career in the corporate sector, where she gained valuable insights into accounting and human resources.

Transition to the UAE and Family Life

Neena’s life took a new turn when she moved to the UAE and started a family. She made a conscious decision to be a full-time mother, dedicating herself to her family’s needs. However, her career hiatus ended when her husband decided to start his own business. Recognizing the potential to contribute, Neena joined him, taking charge of the finance and HR aspects of the company.

Challenges and Adaptation in the Construction Industry

Re-entering the workforce after a gap of several years was not easy. Neena had to refresh her skills and familiarize herself with the technical terms and nuances of the construction industry. Learning on the job, she quickly adapted to new accounting systems and industry-specific knowledge, demonstrating remarkable resilience and a willingness to grow.

Working in the construction business comes with its own set of challenges. Neena navigated through planning, production, and execution stages of projects, each with specific time frames and contractual payment terms. Managing cash flow and optimizing resources became crucial skills, particularly when projects faced delays beyond their control.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals

Neena’s experience offers valuable lessons for those aspiring to enter the construction industry. She emphasizes the importance of patience and perseverance, especially when facing project delays. Keeping meticulous records of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and targets is crucial. Above all, making an honest effort and remaining dedicated to one’s chosen field are key components of success.


Neena Mulaokar’s journey is a compelling narrative of balancing personal and professional responsibilities while continuously striving for excellence. Her ability to adapt, learn, and lead in a demanding industry is inspiring. As she continues to support and grow her family business in the UAE, Neena’s story serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, illustrating that with determination and hard work, one can achieve remarkable success.

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