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Nayla Al Khaja’s Cinematic Triumph: ‘Three’

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Breaking Ground in Arabic Cinema with a Psychological Horror Debut

Nayla Al Khaja, a trailblazing Emirati director, marks her entry into feature filmmaking with ‘Three,’ a riveting psychological horror movie. As the first female filmmaker in the UAE to venture into this genre, Al Khaja’s debut is a bold step in her already impressive career. Known for her impactful short films on Netflix, she now turns her lens towards exploring deeper themes of mental health and cultural beliefs in ‘Three.’

The film, set against the backdrop of rich Arabian culture, intertwines these themes with a narrative that promises to captivate and challenge audiences. Its unique blend of different cultures and languages within the cast is a testament to Al Khaja’s vision of elevating Arabic cinema to international acclaim.

‘Three’ is more than just a film; it represents a significant milestone in the region’s cinematic landscape. Al Khaja’s journey from short films to a feature debut encapsulates her dedication to storytelling and her ambition to push the boundaries of traditional Arabic filmmaking.

As ‘Three’ prepares for its premiere in UAE cinemas, it stands as a beacon of progress for aspiring filmmakers in the region, particularly women in cinema. Nayla Al Khaja’s debut feature film is not just a new chapter in her career, but a leap forward for Arabic cinema on the global stage.

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