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Nawaz Sharif Returns to Pakistan from Exile to Lead Election Campaign

Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan's three-time Prime Minister, returned to Pakistan on Saturday after a four-year self-imposed exile in London.

Pakistan’s three-time Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, arrived in Pakistan on Saturday after four years of self-imposed exile in London. 

His return marks the launch of his party’s campaign for the upcoming general election.

Nawaz Sharif, aged 73, plans to lead a rally in his hometown of Lahore, in eastern Pakistan. 

His chartered plane brought over 150 people from his party and media organizations, signaling his return to active politics.

Legal Status:

Although Sharif’s convictions for corruption are still in force, a court issued a temporary stay on his arrest until Tuesday, when he is scheduled to appear in court. 

He cannot run for election or hold public office due to his convictions. However, his legal team plans to appeal, and his party has stated his ambition to become prime minister for the fourth time.

Political Landscape:

Sharif faces the challenge of regaining his support base from his main rival, Imran Khan, who remains popular even after his removal from the premiership in 2022. 

Imran Khan is also disqualified from the upcoming elections due to his graft conviction in August, which he has appealed.

Economic Crisis and Political Dynamics:

Sharif’s return coincides with Pakistan’s grappling with a severe economic crisis. This crisis worsened during the rule of his younger brother, Shehbaz Sharif, who led a coalition government after Khan’s removal from office.

Allegations of Military Influence:

Nawaz Sharif claims he was ousted from the government at the behest of the powerful military after he fell out with top generals who hold significant influence in Pakistani politics. 

He asserts that the military supported Imran Khan in the 2018 general election. However, Khan and the military deny this allegation.

Recent Political Shifts:

The military and Imran Khan had a falling out in 2022, leading to a tense standoff in recent months. 

This situation has provided Nawaz Sharif with some political space. The military denies interference in politics.

Nawaz Sharif’s return heralds significant developments in Pakistan’s political landscape ahead of the general election.

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