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Navigating Workplace Rights in Dubai: Addressing Scope Creep

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Understanding Job Scope and Rights

In Dubai, employees are often curious about their rights when asked to perform tasks beyond their specified job scope. Understanding these rights is crucial for maintaining a fair and balanced workplace.

Legal Provisions for Job Responsibilities

The UAE labor law clearly outlines the responsibilities and rights of employees. If an employee is asked to perform tasks outside their job scope, they have the right to address this issue with their employer, seeking clarity and resolution.

Filing a Complaint

In cases where discussions with the employer do not lead to a satisfactory resolution, employees have the option to file a complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). This process is designed to protect employees from unfair work practices.

The Role of Employment Contracts

Employment contracts play a vital role in defining an employee’s job scope. Employees and employers are encouraged to have clear, detailed contracts that outline the expected duties to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.


Navigating job scope and employee rights in Dubai requires an understanding of the legal framework. Employees are encouraged to seek clarification and use available legal channels if they are asked to work beyond their job scope.

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