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Navigating the Closure: Sharjah Announces Key Road Closure for Upcoming Festival

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Preparations for the Sharjah Lights Festival Prompt Temporary Road Closure

A Month-Long Detour Ahead for Sharjah Commuters

Sharjah’s transport authorities have announced a temporary road closure that will impact the daily commute of many residents and visitors. This closure, set to take place near University City Hall, is due to the preparations for the eagerly anticipated Sharjah Lights Festival.

Closure Details

The closure will begin on January 23 and extend until February 21, covering a significant period of one month. This timeframe aligns with the Sharjah Lights Festival, an event that annually transforms the city into a luminous spectacle with its innovative light installations.

Alternate Routes and Traffic Management

In light of this disruption, the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) is taking measures to minimize inconvenience. Alternate routes will be clearly marked, and additional traffic management plans are being implemented to ensure smooth vehicular flow in and around the affected area.

The Festival: A Cultural Highlight

The Sharjah Lights Festival is more than just an exhibition of lights; it is a cultural experience that draws visitors from across the UAE and beyond. It showcases the city’s heritage, innovation, and artistic endeavors, making the temporary inconvenience a worthwhile trade-off for the spectacle it offers.

Community Communication

To aid in effective communication, the SRTA and festival organizers are reaching out to the community via various channels. They aim to provide regular updates on traffic changes and navigational advice throughout the festival’s duration.

Embracing the Change

While the road closure may pose temporary challenges, residents and visitors are encouraged to embrace this change. The Sharjah Lights Festival offers a unique opportunity to experience the city in a new light, both literally and metaphorically.


As Sharjah gears up for its annual festival of lights, the road closure serves as a reminder of the city’s dynamic nature. It is an invitation to explore alternative paths, both on the roads and through the vibrant cultural landscape that the festival offers.

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