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Naukri Gulf Responds to Controversial Job Posting Incident in Dubai

Following the controversy over a Dubai real estate advertisement that included a contentious demand, Naukri Gulf published a full response.

Naukri Gulf issued a comprehensive response following the uproar over a Dubai real estate advertisement that included a controversial requirement for female candidates. The platform’s statement comes after widespread backlash triggered by the flagged job posting.

Clarification on the Job Posting:

The platform clarified that the contentious job posting was a free advertisement from a customer and was briefly live on the site. 

It emphasized its Quality Check (QC) process, which involves manual and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered screening for all ads on

Swift Action and Compliance Measures:

During the AI QC check, the platform detected a “modus operandi” of lead generation in the content, prompting immediate removal. 

Naukri Gulf swiftly disabled the account responsible for the posting, citing a breach of their terms and conditions.

Naukri Gulf reaffirmed its commitment to a robust QC process and usage policy, stating that discriminatory or inappropriate content is promptly deleted. Violating users are blocked from the site until cleared by the compliance team.

Proactive Measures and Industry Accountability:

The company positioned itself as one of the first job sites to identify and remove controversial postings. 

However, it highlighted that the same job was still active on other platforms and provided evidence in the form of screenshots.

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