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Namira Salim the First UAE Resident To Became The Space Tourist

Namira Salim will fulfil her lifetime goals of flying to space today at 6 p.m. UAE time on a Virgin Galactic trip.

Namira Salim is set to achieve her lifelong dream of going to space today on a Virgin Galactic flight at 6 pm UAE time. She will become the first female UAE resident and Pakistan’s first female space tourist.

Well-wishes from Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister:

Anwaar ul Haq Kakar, caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan, extended his best wishes to Namira Salim for a safe voyage and success. 

He acknowledged her as a trailblazer in multiple fields and expressed pride in her representing Pakistan.

Salim will represent the national flags of Pakistan, the UAE, and Monaco during her spaceflight. She is known as Virgin Galactic Astronaut 019.

Virgin Galactic Space Tourists:

Namira Salim will be joined by Ron Rosano (Virgin Galactic Astronaut 017) and Trevor Beattie (Virgin Galactic Astronaut 018) on the spaceflight. 

The crew will be led by mission commander Kelly Latimer and pilot C.J. Sturckow, with chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses also joining the passengers.

The flight will launch on a suborbital trajectory aboard Virgin Galactic’s reusable space plane, VSS Unity. 

Passengers will experience up to four times the force of Earth’s gravity (4G) on the way up and four minutes of weightlessness during their spaceplane journey.

A Journey of Adventure and Achievement:

Namira Salim’s journey to space began in 2006 when she became the first UAE resident to purchase a suborbital flight ticket from Virgin Galactic. 

Over the years, she achieved remarkable feats, including skydiving over Mount Everest and becoming a peace activist. 

She was recognized as the first Pakistani astronaut and received the ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ (Medal of Excellence) from the President of Pakistan in 2011.

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