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Saudi’s Museum of Illusions making people upside down.

Museum of Illusions Saudi Arabia UAE optical illusions
different unique techniques used at Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions has several interactive optical illusions, along with explanations as to how they function and why we get tricked by them.

The global-renowned Museum of Illusions has made its debut in the Kingdom, providing Saudis with a look at the wacky and amazing world of optical illusions and different kinds of mind-bending trickery.

The museum, placed in Riyadh Park Mall, invites visitors to participate in interactive, famous, designed ways to expose how optical illusions can trick the mind, proving both interesting and educational.

One of the most popular exhibits at the museum is an Ames room. This room looks to be cuboid when considered through a peephole, but this is genuinely skewed to permit people to stand in the room and appear at specific heights and sizes — best for youngsters who will enjoy appearing bigger and taller than their mother and father for a moment!

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Another is the classic “head-on-the-table” illusion. A mystery compartment and a cleverly disguised table allow visitors to appear as though their heads are being served on a platter.

Several different interactive illusions — along with a “real mirror” that lets in visitors to look what they appear to be too different people and an “inverted room” that permits them to appear like they may be standing at the ceiling — are also on offer at the museum, with unique captions and factors supplied at the facet of every showcase explaining its history, inventor or discoverer, and the way it works.

Perhaps the maximum scintillating of all of the exhibits is the “Vortex Tunnel,” the primary method of exiting the museum. Visitors stroll via a dark tunnel surrounded by a spinning backdrop of colourful neon stars in opposition to a black background. The impact makes it appear as though the viewer, and now no longer the tunnel, is spinning, growing a magnificent, albeit dizzying, feeling of going round in a circle despite being firmly at the ground.

Toward the tour’s top, traffic can take domestic a bit of the magic with numerous thought-scary puzzles and games, posters, T-shirts, and different memorabilia.

The museum also incorporates group tours or even has a party room available. It additionally gives an illusionist for performances and a photographer to help capture the memories.

Tickets to the museum are available through its website,, or maybe sold immediately on the museum itself. Tickets value SR80 ($21) for adults and SR60 for youngsters, with a family ticket that admits adults and 

youngsters also to be had for SR250.

The museum is open Saturday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to midnight and Friday from 1 p.m. to midnight.

Written by Jonathan Brody


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