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Munich Airport Halts Operations Amid Freezing Rain

On Tuesday morning, Munich Airport experienced a temporary stoppage of all flight operations due to freezing rain.

Munich Airport faced a temporary suspension of all flight operations on Tuesday morning, attributing the disruption to freezing rain amidst prevailing cold weather conditions impacting the region.

Widespread Cancellations and Postponements:

From 6 am to noon, all flights were either canceled or postponed, with the airport cautioning that severe weather might continue to affect later flights throughout the day.

The airport management announced the temporary shutdown on Monday night, intending to de-ice operating areas during the first half of the day. 

Plans were set to resume air traffic by midday, although most flights were expected to remain canceled for safety considerations.

Recent Disruptions and Weather Challenges:

This recent suspension follows a grounding of all flights at Munich Airport last Saturday due to heavy snowfall in the city and the southern state of Bavaria in Germany.

Regional Impact and Concerns:

Southern Germany and neighboring Austria and Switzerland have encountered substantial snowfall, disrupting public transport across the region and raising concerns about potential avalanches.

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