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Multinational Coalition Forms Operation Prosperity Guardian to Safeguard Red Sea

In response to a rise in attacks on ships moving the Red Sea, the US, in collaboration with several other nations, has launched Operation Prosperity Guardian.

In response to a surge in attacks on ships navigating the Red Sea, the United States, alongside several nations, is launching Operation Prosperity Guardian, a multinational security initiative. 

The attacks, originating from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen, involve drones and ballistic missiles, prompting concerns and damage to commercial vessels.

Establishing a Multinational Force:

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the creation of Operation Prosperity Guardian during his visit to Bahrain. 

The initiative aims to address the international challenge posed by these attacks and will see participation from the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles, and Spain. 

Joint patrols and intelligence support in the southern Red Sea and also the Gulf of Aden will be part of the operation.

Collective Action and Coordination:

Austin emphasized the need for collective action in the face of this maritime threat. The operation will be coordinated by the existing Combined Task Force 153, established in April 2022, to improve maritime security in the Red Sea, Bab el-Mandeb, and the Gulf of Aden. 

Additional nations have expressed interest in participating, with coordination efforts underway to determine their involvement.

UN Security Council Involvement:

Simultaneously, the United States is urging the United Nations Security Council to address the Houthi attacks. 

In a letter received by The Associated Press, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield emphasized that these attacks endanger navigational rights, international maritime security, and commerce. 

The Security Council discussed the issue in a closed-door meeting but did not take immediate action.

Escalating Threats and Previous Attacks:

The decision to establish Operation Prosperity Guardian follows the December 3 attacks on three commercial vessels by Iranian-backed Houthi forces. 

The attacks included missile strikes, raising concerns about the safety of international waterways. 

The US has been deploying warships, such as the USS Carney and USS Mason, to deter and respond to Houthi attacks in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

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