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Moroccan Cyclists Complete 15,000km Trek Inspired by Ibn Battuta

Yousef El Haouass and Salim Rhandi are on their way to Dubai to complete their incredible 15,000-kilometer journey around the world.

Two cyclists, Yousef El Haouass and Salim Rhandi, are set to arrive in Dubai, concluding their remarkable 15,000km expedition across the globe on a solar-powered quadricycle. 

Inspired by the famed explorer Ibn Battuta, they embarked on an extraordinary journey from Morocco to Dubai, solely relying on solar energy and their pedaling power.

A Journey Rooted in Inspiration:

Inspired by Ibn Battuta’s legacy, Yousef El Haouass envisioned a cycling odyssey bridging Morocco and Dubai, traversing cities hosting previous COPs. 

Their expedition symbolizes the bond between Morocco and the UAE while advocating for renewable energy and environmental protection.

Pedaling through 11 Countries:

The duo embarked from Laayoune, Morocco, covering 1,500km to cross the Straits of Gibraltar. They traversed Spain, visiting Veolia Barcelona, then continued through France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Iran before reaching Dubai.

Yousef aimed to spotlight solar energy as a means to safeguard the environment. 

Partnering with Veolia, a French company specializing in water, waste, and energy solutions, the cyclists sought to amplify the message of sustainable energy sources.

Days Fueled by Solar Power:

Their journey commenced at sunrise, maximizing solar energy throughout the day. Traveling ceaselessly until sunset, they refrained from nighttime travel, relying on tents for potential accommodation shortages but often securing lodgings along their route.

Journey’s Culmination: Arrival in Dubai:

Their arrival in Dubai, coinciding with COP28, marks the triumphant completion of their quest. 

With a commitment to environmental advocacy and showcasing the viability of solar-powered travel, their 15,000km journey stands as a testament to sustainable exploration.

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