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Mohammed Inam: From Easy6 Game Winner to a Millionaire’s Journey

Mohammed Inam, the recent Dh15 million jackpot winner of the Emirates Draw's Easy6 game, is preparing to accomplish a lifetime goal.

Mohammed Inam, the recent Dh15 million jackpot winner of the Easy6 game at the Emirates Draw, is gearing up to fulfill a lifelong dream—undertaking the holy pilgrimage of Haj, which holds immense spiritual significance for him.

A Journey of Perseverance:

Hailing from Islamabad, Pakistan, and residing in the UAE, Inam works as a finance auditor in Abu Dhabi. His raffle-buying journey began in 2021 after noticing an advertisement on social media, persistently participating until his perseverance paid off with this significant win.

In a departure from his usual calculated approach, Inam chose his winning numbers randomly, closing his eyes during selection. Expressing surprise at his rare approach, he admitted that had he noticed the numbers chosen—14 and 15 consecutively—he might not have participated.

Life-Changing Moment:

Initially dismissing the life-changing call as a prank, Inam soon realized its authenticity, marking the start of his newfound millionaire status. Sharing the news with his wife marked the beginning of their journey into financial prosperity.

Inam’s immediate plans include purchasing a family car and delaying further investments and expenses until after the family’s Haj pilgrimage. Post-Haj intends to invest in the UAE’s real estate market and allocate a portion of his winnings to charitable causes.

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