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Miss UAE International 2023: Dubai’s Grand Spectacle

Miss UAE International 2023, organised by Being Muskaan Events and led by Meena Asrani, has created a buzz in Dubai.

Dubai is buzzing with excitement as Miss UAE International 2023, organized by Being Muskaan Events under the leadership of Meena Asrani, gears up for its grand finale on October 29. 

This highly-anticipated event boasts a stunning lineup of finalists vying for the prestigious title.

Exceptional Finalists:

Miss UAE International 2023 features an exceptional roster of finalists, including Meriam Niveditha, Mehak Uppal, Mohita Rajiv, Hanie Abedi, and more. 

These accomplished women are set to compete for the coveted crown in this glamorous event.

A Fusion of Culture and Fashion:

The event promises a captivating blend of culture and style, with abayas designed by Roua Designs and a Gown and Ethnic round crafted by Old Story Trading LLC, paying homage to heritage and fashion. 

Sims Blossoms adds an elegant touch as the Exclusive Jewellery Partner.

A Team of Experts:

Neha Silva, Director of Miss UAE International 2023, renowned show choreographer Manoj Shetty and F&B Partner Chef Shweta Gupta, are dedicated to ensuring an evening that surpasses all expectations.

Grand Finale Location:

The grand finale will take place at the prestigious Ramee Dream Hotel in Dubai, where a distinguished panel of judges from the fashion and business industry will be honored to select the winner.

For all the latest updates on this elegant affair, follow @beingmuskaanevents on Instagram.

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