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Miracle at the Epicenter: Nepali Municipality Spared by Earthquake’s Wrath

An unprecedented occurrence has occurred in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake that devastated Nepal's Jajarkot area.

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal’s Jajarkot district, an extraordinary occurrence has emerged. 

While at least 157 lives were tragically lost in other parts of the district and neighboring Rukum West, the municipality at the epicenter reported no deaths, offering a stark contrast.

The earthquake, measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, had its epicenter at Ramidanda village in the Barekot Rural Municipality. It struck just before midnight on a Friday, shaking the nation violently.

Divine Intervention or Miracle:

Despite the extensive physical damage inflicted on homes and public infrastructure, the Barekot Rural Municipality remained miraculously untouched by human casualties. Residents attribute their survival to divine intervention, believing a higher power protected them.

Although the municipality saw no fatalities, it did record five injuries. Two individuals received treatment at the local health office, while three were transported to a hospital in Surkhet.

The earthquake left approximately 90% of the houses in the rural municipality needing reconstruction. Around 1,000 homes suffered severe damage, leading residents to seek shelter in open spaces.

Sparse Settlement and Unusual Phenomenon:

Experts have noted that an earthquake’s epicenter does not inherently experience more physical damage than other areas. 

However, the absence of human casualties at the epicenter during a significant earthquake is unusual and almost miraculous.

Factors Contributing to Survival:

One contributing factor to the absence of casualties in the Ramidanda village may be the relatively sparse settlement. 

This contrasts with nearby Silpachaur, which experienced massive damage to houses despite being more densely populated.

Factors Affecting Damage Scale:

According to experts, the scale of earthquake damage depends on the fault line’s location and the structural integrity of the affected buildings. 

In this case, divine providence seems to have played a significant role in sparing lives at the epicenter.

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