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Micro Artist Samsun Masih Pursues Unique Passion in Dubai

Samsun Masih, a micro artist from Punjab, India, who lives in Sharjah's Al Nahda, has created detailed works with pencil tips picturing landmarks and chains.

Samsun Masih, a micro artist from Punjab, India, residing in Sharjah’s Al Nahda, has turned pencil tips into intricate works depicting landmarks and chains. 

Despite facing financial challenges, Samsun pursued his passion for micro art while working as a taxi driver for Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA). His unique creations include:

  • Micro sculptures on soap.
  • Letters on a single grain of rice.
  • Detailed landmarks on pencil tips.

Journey to Micro Art:

Samsun’s interest in micro art began during his school days in India. The lack of resources and equipment did not deter him from experimenting with micro art on pencil tips. 

He faced challenges, including eye strain, but his passion remained strong. After enrolling in an art diploma program in Gurdaspur, India, he struggled to find mentors for micro art. 

Samsun later moved to Dubai as a taxi driver, continuing to pursue micro art during breaks.

Challenges and Recognition:

Financial constraints and limited knowledge of social media marketing hindered Samsun’s ability to showcase his micro art. 

While working as a taxi driver, he encountered passengers who appreciated his work and offered support. Samsun’s micro art includes a graphite chain made from the same pencil, highlighting his intricate craftsmanship. 

His detailed pencil etchings feature Dubai landmarks such as Burj Al Arab, Museum of the Future, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Frame.

Transition to Full-time Artist:

Six months ago, Samsun left his job at RTA to focus on micro art full-time. 

Despite conventional training in art forms, he believes that micro art sets him apart and is confident that Dubai will provide opportunities for recognition. 

Samsun aims to showcase his unique creations and is open to selling his micro art pieces to interested buyers.

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