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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Voice Concerns for Their Kids

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry joined a group of other parents to talk about their concerns and experiences with social media's impact on their kids lives.

To mark World Mental Health Day, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry participated in a panel discussion in New York City organized by their charity, the Archewell Foundation. 

The couple joined numerous other parents to discuss their concerns and experiences with the impact of social media on their children’s lives.

Turning Pain into Purpose:

During the event, Prince Harry emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges of raising children in a digital age. 

He stressed the need to transform adversity into a meaningful mission. He mentioned that their priority is to provide support, a spotlight, and a platform for parents to come together, heal, grieve, and collectively work toward solutions. 

They aim to prevent other families from experiencing the difficulties they have faced.

Meghan’s Maternal Concerns

Meghan Markle, too, shared her thoughts on the subject. She expressed her deep commitment to motherhood and underscored the importance of her role as a parent. 

While acknowledging that their children are still very young, she admitted that the impact of social media on their lives worries her. 

She spoke about her concerns about the ever-changing landscape of digital platforms and their challenges for the younger generation.

A Message of Hope and Progress:

Meghan Markle also offered a message of hope, highlighting the progress made in the past year. 

She mentioned that survivors and parents who have experienced the adverse effects of social media have come forward to share their stories. 

Meghan emphasized gathering information and increasing awareness to create positive change. She stressed that the online world and social media affect everyone and the universal desire for safety.

A Call for Collective Action:

Meghan concluded by expressing her confidence that they can collectively make substantial changes by raising awareness and increasing visibility about the real issues caused by the online world and social media. 

The couple believes that, with more ears listening and a heightened understanding of the challenges, they can operate together to make a safer digital environment for all.

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