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Meet Shawn Green: The Man on a Mission to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Bottles in the UAE

Meet Shawn Green: The Man on a Mission to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Bottles in the UAE

Shawn Green, a mechatronic engineer with a deep connection to the UAE, is leading a revolutionary initiative to combat plastic pollution by eliminating single-use plastic bottles in the country. Through his eco-friendly water company, Sprudel, Green is transforming the way businesses access and consume water, significantly reducing plastic waste.

Environmental Concerns and Innovation: Green’s inspiration stemmed from witnessing the alarming rise in plastic bottle consumption in the UAE. Motivated to make a change, he founded Sprudel in 2014, introducing innovative solutions to turn tap water into sparkling water. His company’s dispensers, equipped with advanced filtration systems, offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles.

Revolutionary Solutions: Sprudel collaborates with businesses to install filtered water taps, eliminating the need for plastic bottles on their premises. Green’s ingenuity led to the invention of a closed-loop bottling system for hotels, enabling them to remove plastic bottles from rooms and outlets. Designed and manufactured in the UAE, these systems have been embraced by hotels across the Emirates, marking a significant step towards sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Impact and Future Goals: By retrofitting hotels with his innovative systems, Green estimates that Sprudel eliminates up to 35 million plastic bottles annually in the UAE alone. With ambitious plans to expand operations and introduce new prototypes, he aims to double this impact within the next three years. Committed to raising awareness about the environmental and health hazards of single-use plastics, Green envisions a future where sustainable practices are ingrained in everyday life.

Conclusion: Shawn Green’s relentless pursuit of sustainability through Sprudel exemplifies the power of innovation in addressing environmental challenges. As he continues to pioneer eco-friendly solutions, his efforts serve as a beacon of hope for a greener, plastic-free future in the UAE and beyond.

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