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Medinah turns into world’s healthiest city.

Madinah UAE World Health Organisation
Madinah turns world's healthiest city.

Madinah is the first city with a population of 2 million and considers to be the world’s healthiest city.

The Saudi city of Madinah has been mentioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) as some of the world’s healthiest cities. The holy city received the accreditation after a visiting WHO crew stated that it met all of the international requirements required to be a healthful city. Madinah is assumed to be the first town with a greater than 2 million population to be identified under its healthful cities program. A total of 22 government, community, charity and volunteer agencies helped put together for the WHO accreditation. The city’s integrated program included a strategic partnership with Taibah University to record government necessities on a digital platform for the organization’s review. The WHO also encouraged that the university offers education to different countrywide city agencies interested in taking part in the healthy town’s program.

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A committee chaired by the university’s president, Dr Abdul Aziz Assarani, supervised 100 individuals representing the 22 government, civil, charity and volunteer businesses. Criteria included meeting goals set to use the Madinah Region Strategy Project and the release of a “Humanizing Cities” software. According to WHO, “a healthy town is always developing and enhancing the ones physical and social environments and increasing the one’s community resources that allow people to together help each other perform all of the features of life and growing to their maximum potential.”

Written by Jonathan Brody


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