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McDonald’s Clarifies Position on Middle East Conflict Amidst Controversy

McDonald's Corporation made a statement expressing its displeasure with the misleading and wrong stories about their position on the Middle East war.

McDonald’s Corporation issued a statement expressing its dismay over the disinformation and inaccurate reports on its stance on the Middle East conflict. 

The world-famous fast-food chain is keen to clarify its position and convey that it does not fund or support any governments involved in the conflict.

Local Developmental Licensee Actions Were Independent:

The statement from McDonald’s emphasizes that any actions taken by its local Developmental Licensee business partners in the region were independent decisions made without McDonald’s consent or approval. The Corporation stands firmly against hate speech and violence of any kind.

Commitment to Safety and Support for Local Communities:

McDonald’s reaffirms its commitment to ensuring the safety of its people in the region while also extending support to the communities where it operates. 

The company’s heart is with all the affected communities and families amidst the ongoing crisis.

McDonald’s UAE’s Local Ownership:

It’s important to note that McDonald’s UAE is a locally-owned enterprise operated by Emirates Fast Food Company LLC. 

The company’s previous donation of Dh1 million to Emirates Red Crescent’s campaign for Gaza relief reflects its commitment to the community.

Addressing Consumer Concerns:

The statement comes in reaction to concerns raised by Arab consumers over McDonald’s Israeli franchise’s alleged provision of meals to Israeli soldiers on the front lines during the conflict. 

Some consumers found this corporate messaging insensitive, as it contrasted with the challenges faced by civilians in Gaza.

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