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Matthias Mende: Innovating Economies with the Digital Realm of Bonuz

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From Blockchain Enthusiast to Technology Pioneer

Matthias Mende, a German entrepreneur based in Dubai, is transforming the digital landscape with his innovative approach to blockchain technology and social engagement. As the founder and CEO of Bonuz, a pioneering Web3 platform, Mende’s journey from blockchain enthusiast to industry leader is a testament to his vision and determination.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Matthias Mende moved to the UAE in 2007, drawn by the vibrant business environment and the potential for technological innovation. Since his childhood, he has been into computers and gaming. His interest in blockchain technology was sparked in 2016 when Mende first encountered Bitcoin. This curiosity led him to delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, eventually becoming a key opinion leader in the field.

Founding Bonuz

Mende’s entrepreneurial spirit and observations of the thriving economy in Dubai constantly inspired him to figure out ways of innovating further with new technologies. This led to the creation of Bonuz, a Web3-powered platform designed to bridge the gap between creators, brands, events, restaurants, and basically every entity that has an audience, such as customers, members, fans, or users. Bonuz aims to be the largest social engagement platform in the world, built fully onchain, enabling genuine new forms of interaction and engagement through combined and already existing technologies. This innovative platform helps brands, creators, and communities connect more authentically and directly with their counterparts, such as fans or customers. 

Bonuz offers unique features like dynamic smart NFTs, engagement tokens, voucher, loyalty and certification tokens, and a decentralized identity wallet. These tools allow brands to offering their customers or fans to engage more with their product and services in order to amplify them via social media networks for example. Every human has this power via his smartphone and his social accounts. fits. By eliminating intermediaries, Bonuz ensures that both creators and fans reap the maximum benefits of their interactions.

Besides all of these new magical features, it is clear that every human will eventually be required to own a digital wallet, so Mende quotes here: “What is better than a self-custodial wallet which is easy to use, safe, gives true freedom of ownership, is super secure, and very hard to lose thanks to a social login instead of a complex seed phrase. Furthermore, the wallet is interoperable to all modern applications of the digital world and to new future applications of the real world that reward the users for good interactions? Bonuz is the non-plus ultra, purposeful, competition-less as of today, and that’s why it took our team over 2 years to build it.” 

Overcoming Challenges and Innovating Solutions

The journey of building Bonuz was not without challenges. Mende emphasized the importance of facing obstacles head-on, viewing them as opportunities for growth and learning. Especially in setting up a bigger and team running this complex operation while constantly newer and better technologies appear. His approach to innovation is driven by a clear vision and a commitment to creating solutions that address real-world problems.

One of the significant issues Bonuz addresses is the lack of genuine engagement on traditional social media platforms for many brands. By leveraging Bonuz technologies that are not only limited to blockchain, Bonuz provides a new environment where everyone technically can be the creator to benefit brands and amplify them. This helps these brands and businesses to save money with expensive digital agencies and gives a fair opportunity to the average human to stand out and benefit. This new onchain measurable Win-Win concept benefits every party involved.

Vision for the Future

Mende’s vision for Bonuz extends beyond its current capabilities. In future phases he aims to integrate extended reality (XR) technologies to further enhance user experiences, creating a more immersive and interactive environment. This forward-thinking approach positions Bonuz as a leader in the evolving landscape of Web3 and digital engagement.

Personal and Professional Impact

Beyond his professional achievements, Mende is also recognized for his contributions to the broader blockchain community. He co-founded the Dubai Blockchain Center, a hub for blockchain innovation and collaboration, and serves as an advisor to various blockchain projects. His influence extends across multiple platforms, where he shares insights and knowledge with a large following.

Matthias Mende’s journey from a curious blockchain enthusiast to the visionary founder of Bonuz highlights the power of innovation and resilience. His work is not only advancing the field of blockchain technology but also redefining how brands, communities, creators and their audiences interact in the digital age of tomorrow. As Mende continues to push the boundaries beyond what is possible, his impact on the tech and consumer industry is set to grow even further.
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