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Mashreq Launches Climb2Change Global Sustainability Initiative

Mashreq has introduced "Climb2Change," a global campaign aiming at combining its broad range of ESG initiatives and aims.

Mashreq, a prominent financial institution in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, has officially unveiled “Climb2Change,” a global initiative aimed at integrating its extensive range of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives and goals. 

This initiative encompasses the bank’s commitment to sustainable finance and its ambition to accelerate environmental and social impact. 

Climb2Change not only aligns with the bank’s active participation in COP28 this December but also underscores Mashreq’s unwavering dedication to driving sustainability and positive change.

Consolidating Leadership in Sustainable Banking:

Climb2Change will consolidate Mashreq’s achievements in sustainable linked financing, responsible banking products and services, social impact initiatives, and net-zero commitments into a unique global initiative. 

This move solidifies the bank’s position as a leader in sustainable banking in the MENA region and on a global scale.

The Vision of the CEO:

Ahmed Abdelaal, the Group CEO of Mashreq, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating that the bank’s role extends beyond conventional financing. 

He emphasized the commitment to raising environmental, social, and governance standards while creating shared value for all stakeholders, aligning with their guiding principle of “Rise Responsibly.” 

Furthermore, the launch of Climb2Change coincides with the bank’s active involvement in COP28, highlighting the global reach of its vision.

Promoting Global Environmental Stewardship:

Under the Climb2Change umbrella, Mashreq will initiate efforts to clean up the world’s largest mountains. 

This includes expeditions to 14 of the world’s most polluted mountains, to reach the peak on seven of them and the base camp on the remaining seven. 

The initiative aims to raise awareness and promote recycling practices, waste reduction, and environmental preservation on a global scale, aligning with Mashreq’s dedication to sustainability and making a positive impact on the world.

Fostering Collaboration and Empowering Change:

Mashreq’s approach involves engaging influencers, local authorities, communities, organizations, and volunteers who share a deep connection and understanding of the mountains. 

This collaborative effort seeks to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all. 

The bank is leading by example and encouraging individuals and like-minded companies worldwide to join the Climb2Change journey and contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

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