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Masdar City Unveils Region’s First Net-Zero Energy Mosque

Masdar City, Abu Dhabi's sustainable urban community and innovation hub, is scheduled to open the region's first net-zero energy mosque.

Masdar City, a sustainable urban community and innovation hub in Abu Dhabi, is set to introduce the region’s inaugural net-zero energy mosque. 

Mohamed Al Breiki, the executive director of sustainable development at Masdar City, announced the groundbreaking project during COP28, emphasizing its significance as a symbol of commitment to responsible environmental stewardship.

Architectural Innovation:

The 2,349 square meters mosque, scheduled to commence construction next year, aims to redefine industry standards for houses of worship in the region. 

With a capacity for 1,300 worshippers, the mosque will incorporate 1,590 square meters of on-site PV panels to generate at least 100 percent of its energy needs annually. 

Masdar City envisions a multi-faceted design that seamlessly blends environmental protection with cultural heritage and community building.

Sustainability Features:

The mosque’s design reduces its total energy requirements by 35 percent compared to international baselines, employing passive design principles that respond to environmental conditions. 

The main structure will be constructed primarily from rammed earth, offering outstanding insulation and a sense of place and belonging. 

Tiered windows on the roof will allow natural light patterns, while outdoor colonnades provide shade and transitional space for worshippers.

Holistic Approach:

Lutz Wilgen, Masdar City’s Head of Design, underscores the holistic approach, integrating environmental, social, and economic sustainability. 

The project aims to divert at least 70 percent of construction waste from landfills, utilize local and recycled materials, and implement water-saving measures to reduce water use by 55 percent.

Certifications and Ratings:

The mosque aspires to attain a zero-energy rating from the International Living Future Institute, Leed Platinum certification—the highest international green building certification—from the US Green Building Council, Estidama 4-Pearl, the UAE’s highest green building certification, and a Well Gold rating prioritizing occupant well-being.

Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy:

Masdar City’s commitment to sustainable development extends beyond the mosque project. 

It includes unveiling NZ1, the country’s first net-zero energy commercial building, in December, along with ongoing construction of additional net-zero energy commercial and residential buildings. 

Notable among them are Masdar City Square’s HQ building, set for completion in the coming year, and The Link’s Co-Lab building, a net-zero energy shared working and living space, scheduled for completion in 2025.

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