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Maryam Bakhtiari: A Luminary in Haute Couture and Fashion Design

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From Childhood Inspiration to Haute Couture Icon

Maryam Bakhtiari, a distinguished fashion designer, has made an indelible mark in the world of haute couture. Her journey, rooted in a childhood surrounded by textiles and tailoring, has evolved into a career that celebrates creativity, craftsmanship, and a deep passion for fashion.

Early Life and Upbringing

Maryam’s fascination with fashion began in her mother’s workshop, where she was captivated by the process of creating exquisite garments. Sneaking into the workshop, she watched her mother work on mannequins and began making dresses for her dolls. By age ten, Maryam was already practicing tailoring techniques, an experience that laid the foundation for her future in haute couture. Her mother’s teachings in professional tailoring, cutting, and drawing further honed her skills, embedding fashion into her DNA.


Maryam pursued her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fashion and textile design. She also attended haute couture courses in Lebanon and Tehran, refining her craft and expanding her knowledge. Her education was complemented by a degree in Russian language from Tehran University. Inspired and supported by her mother, Maryam’s educational journey was pivotal in shaping her career.

Career Choice and Early Beginnings

Maryam’s mother played a crucial role in her career choice, continuously inspiring and motivating her. In 2009, Maryam launched her own showroom, marking her official entry into the fashion industry. Her professional background includes various successful projects and collaborations, with a significant focus on teamwork and strategic planning. Her resilience in handling setbacks and her commitment to improvement have been key to her success.

Achievements and Recognitions

As the Art Director and Manager for Abed Mahfouz Haute Couture, Maryam has led numerous high-profile projects, including the acclaimed “Bridal Blossoms” 2024 collection. Her work has been featured in prestigious media outlets, and she has received recognition for her contributions to fashion. One of her proudest achievements was leading a team at the Arab Fashion Week, where her work garnered significant media attention.

Present Plans and Projects

Currently, Maryam continues to serve as the Art Director and Manager at Abed Mahfouz, collaborating with local brands across the UAE, GCC countries, Iran, and Lebanon. Her recent projects have received extensive media coverage, showcasing her innovative approach to fashion design.

Vision for the Future

Maryam envisions a bright future for sustainable fashion, focusing on relevance and proactive problem-solving. She is passionate about exploring potential trends, challenges, and innovations in the fashion industry. Her commitment to ethical practices and environmental sustainability is integral to her vision for the future of fashion.

Inspirations and Influences

Maryam draws inspiration from life, nature, and positive energy. Historical places, art, and movies also influence her designs. One notable technique she uses is “draping,” which helps her create unique shapes and volumes for her collections.


Maryam Bakhtiari’s journey from a young girl fascinated by her mother’s workshop to a celebrated haute couture designer is a testament to her passion, resilience, and creativity. Her dedication to fashion and her innovative designs continue to inspire and transform the industry. As she looks to the future, Maryam remains a beacon of excellence in haute couture, influencing the next generation of designers.

For more about Maryam Bakhtiari and her work, visit Abed Mahfouz Haute Couture.

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