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Maryam Ali and Shama Al Mansouri Rewrite Esports Norms

Emirati girls Maryam Ali and Shama Al Mansouri transcend prejudices in esports, proving that girls can achieve.

In gaming, often perceived as male-dominated, Emirati girls Maryam Ali and Shama Al Mansouri defy stereotypes, proving that girls can excel in esports. 

Beginning as gaming partners with their brothers, they’ve risen to global prominence, proudly representing the UAE and reshaping the gaming narrative.

From Childhood Buddies to Gaming Prodigies:

Their journey commenced in childhood, bonding with their brothers over virtual adventures. Starting at ages 8 and 9, they traversed virtual landscapes, gradually evolving their hobby into a shared passion that defined their destinies.

Balancing academic pursuits with gaming aspirations, Maryam and Shama displayed unwavering commitment. 

Juggling college life during the day, they dedicated their evenings to honing their skills, investing countless hours perfecting strategies and refining techniques.

Overcoming Stereotypes and Challenges:

Despite skepticism and challenges within the male-dominated gaming sphere, Maryam and Shama stood resilient. Battling misconceptions, they consistently shattered stereotypes and silenced doubters with their exceptional gaming prowess.

Their dedication culminated in a remarkable feat at the Redbull gaming tournament with Shaheen Esports, clinching a remarkable second-place finish despite connectivity hurdles. Their achievements exemplify their talent and determination.

Empowering Girls and Advocating Inclusivity:

Eager to empower aspiring female gamers, Maryam and Shama aspire to inspire others to fearlessly pursue their gaming dreams. 

Their journey aims to dismantle gender biases, fostering a more inclusive esports realm based on skill and passion, not gender stereotypes.

The Dubai Police Esports Tournament:

The duo participated in the Dubai Police Esports Tournament alongside other female gamers, amplifying awareness about cyberbullying and promoting safe gaming practices. 

The event provided a platform for gamers to showcase their skills while challenging societal norms.

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