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Mandatory Minimum Top-Up of Dh20 for Nol Cards at Dubai Ticket Offices

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Understanding the New Top-Up Requirements and Options for Nol Cards in Dubai

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently announced a significant change for Nol card users. Starting January 15, 2024, a minimum top-up of Dh20 will be required at ticket offices. This update is crucial for commuters who use the Dubai Metro and need to ensure sufficient balance for their journeys. RTA ticket offices, located at all Metro stations in Dubai, offer the convenience of topping up Nol cards with cash or card. However, for a round trip on the Dubai Metro, travelers need to maintain a minimum balance of Dh15 on their Nol cards​​​​​​.

Apart from ticket offices, the RTA provides several alternative top-up options for Nol cards. These include:

  1. Solar top-up machines at bus stops.
  2. Smart card machines at Dubai Metro stations.
  3. Authorized grocery stores.
  4. ENOC or Eppco petrol stations​​.

Additionally, digital platforms offer convenient top-up methods:

  1. RTA’s official website ( with a minimum top-up amount of Dh7.50.
  2. The ‘nol Pay’ app, available for Apple, Android, and Huawei devices.
  3. The ‘RTA Dubai’ app, also available for these devices​​.
  4. S’hail app, for Apple, Android, and Huawei devices.
  5. ‘Dubai Now’ app, for Apple and Android devices.
  6. Mobile apps of UAE banks.
  7. Careem app, available for Apple and Android devices​​.

These varied options ensure that Nol card users have multiple ways to maintain their card balance, catering to different preferences and needs. The introduction of the minimum top-up requirement at ticket offices is a significant change, and commuters are encouraged to explore these various top-up methods to find the most convenient option for them.

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