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Manchester United controversy: club’s action against media outlets

Manchester United barred reporters from four media agencies from Tuesday's news conference with manager Erik ten Hag.

Manchester United barred reporters from four media agencies from Tuesday’s news conference with manager Erik ten Hag.

Right of Reply Issue Spurs Controversy at United

Manchester United has stirred controversy by alleging that several media outlets failed to grant the club the right of reply concerning negative stories. 

Notably, journalists from Sky, ESPN, Manchester Evening News, and the Mirror were excluded from club access after reporting on player dissatisfaction with Dutchman Ten Hag.

Club’s Statement and Stance

In response, the club released a statement, citing their intention to take action against news organizations. 

The action is not for publishing unfavorable stories but for not contacting the club beforehand to provide an opportunity for comment, challenge, or context. United views this as an essential principle and hopes for a recalibration in their working relationship with media outlets.

Ten Hag’s Perspective and Player Feedback

Addressing the issue, Ten Hag expressed disappointment, emphasizing that media outlets should have approached the club before publishing articles. 

He clarified that while he’s open to hearing players’ opinions, the majority support the team’s proactive, dynamic, and brave style of play.

Upcoming Fixture Amidst Controversy

United, currently seventh in the Premier League standings, is set to face Chelsea amidst this controversy, highlighting a challenging backdrop for the team’s upcoming match on Wednesday at 20:15 GMT.

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