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Malayalam Actor Kalabhavan Haneef Passes Away at 60

Kalabhavan Haneef, a Malayalam actor and famous mimicry artist, died at the age of 60.

Malayalam actor and accomplished mimicry artist Kalabhavan Haneef has sadly passed away at the age of 60.

The talented artist, who featured in over 150 films, breathed his last due to a respiratory-related ailment at a private hospital in Kerala, India.

A Filmography of Note:

Kalabhavan Haneef’s impressive career in the film industry began with the movie “Cheppukilukkana Changathi” in 1991. 

He made significant contributions to Malayalam cinema through his roles in various films, including the multi-award-winning crime thriller “Drishyam,” where he shared the screen with the iconic actor Mohanlal. 

He also appeared in notable films like “Ustad Hotel,” “Godfather,” “Kerala Police,” “Driving Licence,” “Vimaanam,” and many more.

A Versatile Artist:

Haneef’s artistic journey commenced as a mimicry artist and extended into theatre. He was a part of the renowned Kalabhavan group, known for its substantial influence on the Malayalam film industry.

Contribution to Acclaimed Film:

His contribution extended to the movie “2018: Everyone Is A Hero,” a poignant portrayal of the Kerala floods, released this year. Notably, this film has been selected as India’s official entry to the Oscars in 2024.

Kalabhavan Haneef is survived by his wife, Wahida, and their two children, Sithara Haneef and Shahrukh Haneef. His legacy in Malayalam cinema and his impact as a mimicry artist will be remembered and celebrated by fans and the industry.

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