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Major Mariam Al Zaabi Leading the Charge for Increased Female Presence in Search and Rescue Sector

In a remarkable advancement towards gender equality and inclusivity, Major Mariam Al Zaabi has emerged as a trailblazer in the UAE’s search and rescue sector. Breaking barriers and defying stereotypes, Major Al Zaabi’s appointment as the inaugural female Emirati Critical Care paramedic within the National Search and Rescue Center (NSRC) marks a significant milestone in promoting women’s representation in emergency response teams across the nation.

Under the purview of the NSRC, a leading national organization operating under the National Guard Command (NGC), concerted efforts have been made to foster gender diversity and inclusivity within the search and rescue domain. The center, responsible for coordinating search and rescue operations at various levels in the UAE, has implemented comprehensive measures to provide training, opportunities, and support for women seeking to contribute to emergency response efforts.

Reflecting on her groundbreaking achievement, Major Al Zaabi expressed profound pride in her role, emphasizing the importance of serving her community while inspiring other women to pursue their aspirations in traditionally male-dominated fields. Her appointment as the first Emirati Critical Care paramedic underscores the UAE’s commitment to promoting gender balance and empowering women to play pivotal roles in nation-building endeavors.

Major Al Zaabi’s journey to the frontline of emergency response teams highlights the UAE’s progressive vision and unwavering commitment to gender equality. With legislative measures in place to prevent discrimination and enhance women’s participation across sectors, the UAE continues to pave the way for women like Major Al Zaabi to excel and contribute meaningfully to society.

Aligned with the directives of visionary leadership, Major Al Zaabi’s appointment signifies the effectiveness of the UAE’s strategies in nurturing women’s talents and providing avenues for their professional growth. By fostering an environment conducive to women’s empowerment, the UAE reinforces its status as a beacon of progress and inclusivity in the region.

Major Al Zaabi’s pioneering role serves as an inspiration for women across the UAE, encouraging them to pursue careers in fields traditionally dominated by men. Her presence in the search and rescue sector not only symbolizes resilience and dedication but also underscores the importance of diversity in emergency response teams.

As the UAE continues its journey towards sustainable development, Major Al Zaabi’s appointment exemplifies the nation’s commitment to harnessing the talents of all its citizens, regardless of gender. With women like Major Al Zaabi leading the charge, the UAE stands poised to achieve new heights of progress and prosperity, driven by the collective efforts of its diverse and inclusive society.

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