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Maid Jailed and Fined for Theft and Absconding in Dubai

DALL·E 2024 01 09 16.00.41 A police interrogation scene in Dubai showing a policewoman questioning a suspect. The interrogation room is simple and stark with plain walls and a

The Dubai Misdemeanor Court has imposed a significant verdict in a case involving a maid and her employer. The maid was sentenced to one month in jail, followed by deportation, and fined Dhs10,000 for working for someone other than her sponsor and staying in the country illegally. This decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

The case originated in April of the previous year when the employer, an Asian woman, reported being robbed by the maid she had employed without a work permit. The maid was found to have stolen gold bracelets and jewelry worth Dhs35,000 from the employer’s bedroom. Upon interrogation, the maid confessed to the crime after being confronted with surveillance camera footage.

The court also fined the employer Dhs50,000 for hiring the maid without a proper work permit and not following the sponsorship transfer conditions​

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