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Mahzooz Saturday Millions Awards Over Dh1.7 Million to Winners

Mahzooz Saturday Millions celebrated yet another round of winners, delivering a whopping Dh1,775,295 to 119,408 players.

Mahzooz Saturday Millions celebrated another round of wins, awarding a staggering Dh1,775,295 to 119,408 participants following a UAE resident’s recent Dh20 million jackpot.

Winners Breakdown:

  • Unclaimed Top Prize: The Dh20 million top prize went unclaimed this week.
  • Second Prize: Twenty-three winners matched four of five numbers, sharing a Dh150,000 prize, each receiving Dh6,521.
  • Third Prize: Dh150,000 was divided among 1,275 winners, granting each participant Dh117.
  • Fourth Prize: Free Mahzooz lines worth Dh35 each were won by 19,492 lucky participants.
  • Fifth Prize: An impressive 98,615 participants earned Dh5 each.
  • Triple 100 GUARANTEED Raffle: Three fortunate winners secured the Triple 100 GUARANTEED raffle prize of Dh300,000, each receiving Dh100,000.

Participation Details:

For a cost of Dh35, participants can buy a bottle of Mahzooz Saturday Millions water, securing entry into the weekly draws. 

These draws offer enticing prizes, including the chance to win the top prize of Dh20 million, second and third prizes of Dh150,000 each, free Mahzooz lines worth Dh35, and Dh5 for the fifth prize. 

Additionally, participants are eligible for the Triple 100 weekly raffle draw, promising Dh100,000 to three guaranteed raffle winners each week.

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