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Mahzooz Saturday Draw: Over a Hundred Thousand Winners Share Dh1.7 Million

In this week's Mahzooz Saturday Millions draw, 112,615 winners hailed their good fortune, earning a total of Dh1,695,480.

In this week’s Mahzooz Saturday Millions draw, 112,615 winners celebrated their luck, collectively taking home a total of Dh1,695,480 in winnings.

‘Triple 100’ Raffle Prize Winners:

One of the standout features of this draw was the ‘Triple 100’ guaranteed raffle prize, a feature of the newest prize structure. 

Three fortunate participants holding ID numbers 39416599, 39522629, and 39427548 were each awarded Dh100,000, making them significant winners of this special raffle.

Grand Prize Unclaimed, But Multiple Winners in Other Categories:

Despite the anticipation, the grand prize Dh20 million went unclaimed this week. 

Nevertheless, the excitement wasn’t dampened, as winners emerged in the 2nd, third, fourth, and fifth positions during the 151st draw.

  • 19 winners, with four out of five matching numbers, shared the second prize of Dh150,000, taking home Dh7,894 each.
  • An impressive 1,122 winners matched three out of five numbers, also sharing the second prize of Dh150,000 and earning Dh133 each.
  • 17,937 winners had two out of five matching numbers, entitling them to a free Mahzooz line worth Dh35.
  • A substantial 93,537 winners matched one out of five numbers, earning Dh5 each for their efforts.

The New Prize Structure:

The new prize structure has omitted the Dh1 million prize, but the eagerly anticipated Dh20 million grand prize remains unchanged.

Participants who match all the numbers will take home the grand prize of Dh20 million. Four and three numbers matching out of five can win them Dh150,000 weekly, providing an attractive incentive to continue participating. 

Those who match two numbers will be rewarded with Dh35, while participants matching just one number can still pocket Dh5.

Additionally, three lucky participants from the raffle draw can secure a guaranteed prize of Dh100,000 weekly, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Mahzooz experience.

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