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Mahzooz Jackpot Creates New Multi-Millionaire with Dh20 Million Win

A stroke of luck resulted in the emergence of a new multi-millionaire in the most recent Mahzooz draw, when one lucky player won the coveted top prize of Dh20 million.

In the latest Mahzooz draw, a stroke of luck led to the emergence of a new multi-millionaire, as one lucky participant secured the coveted top prize of Dh20 million. 

The draw, featuring an enhanced prize structure to maximize winnability, lived up to its promise during the 154th draw.

Total Prize Pool of Dh22,045,270 Distributed:

Mahzooz Saturday Millions, in its 154th draw, distributed a total prize pool of Dh22,045,270 among 133,048 winners. The breakdown includes:

  • 1st Prize: A single winner matched 5 out of 5 numbers, securing the grand prize of Dh20,000,000.
  • 2nd Prize: Seventy-five participants matched 4 of 5 numbers, sharing the Dh150,000 prize, with each recipient earning Dh2,000.
  • 3rd Prize: 2,681 winners matched 3 out of 5 numbers, sharing the Dh150,000 prize, resulting in Dh55 for each recipient.
  • 4th Prize: A significant number of 26,461 winners matched 2 out of 5 numbers, earning Dh5 each.
  • 5th Prize: The largest group, comprising 103,827 winners, matched 1 out of 5 numbers, earning Dh5 each.

Guaranteed Raffle Prizes Enhance Winnability:

Mahzooz’s innovative prize structure includes the weekly distribution of three guaranteed raffle prizes, each amounting to Dh100,000. 

In the 154th draws, participants holding the IDs 40302200, 40284845, and 440352079 were the fortunate recipients of these guaranteed raffle prizes.

Accessible Entry with Mahzooz Water Bottle:

Participants can enter the draws, including the Grand Draw and the Raffle Draw, to win the top prize of Dh20 million by purchasing a Mahzooz water bottle priced at Dh35. 

This entry mechanism ensures inclusivity and participation in the weekly draws, fostering an engaging and rewarding experience.

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