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Mahzooz Draw: Over 129,000 Winners Share Dh1,929,015 in Prizes

The most recent Mahzooz draw, the 149th in the series, saw 129,536 lucky winners share Dh1,929,015 in prizes.

The most recent Mahzooz draw, the 149th in its series, saw 129,536 lucky winners who collectively took home Dh1,929,015 in prizes. 

While the coveted grand prize of Dh20 million remained unclaimed this week, many participants were rewarded with cash prizes per the new prize structure.

Triple 100 Winners:

Under the draw’s latest prize format, three fortunate participants were awarded the ‘Triple 100’ guaranteed raffle prize, each receiving Dh100,000. The winning IDs were 39073217, 3896066, and 38940573.

Second Prize – Four Numbers Matched:

A total of 38 winners managed to match four out of five numbers and shared the second prize, each pocketing Dh150,000, amounting to Dh3,947 per winner.

Second Prize – Three Numbers Matched:

Another 1,827 participants matched three out of five numbers and equally divided the second prize of Dh150,000, resulting in Dh82 for each winner.

Two Numbers Matched:

A substantial number of 23,022 winners successfully matched two out of five numbers and were rewarded with a free Mahzooz line worth Dh35.

One Number Matched:

Furthermore, 104,649 participants who matched just one out of five numbers received Dh5 each as a prize.

New Prize Structure:

It’s important to note that the updated prize structure no longer includes the Dh1 million prize, but the grand prize of Dh20 million remains unchanged.

Participants can win the grand prize of Dh20 million if they match all the numbers. Matching four or three numbers out of five can secure a weekly prize of Dh150,000. Participants with two matching numbers can claim Dh35, while those with just one matching number can still win Dh5.

Raffle Draw:

Additionally, three fortunate participants can win a guaranteed prize of Dh100,000 each in the raffle draw every week.

The results of this new prize structure will be revealed on September 30, offering participants another exciting opportunity to win big in the Mahzooz draw.

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