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Thursday, January 20, 2022

MAFIA GIROH has swept the music world off its feet with its Punjabi trap/drill style music.

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Listeners are experiencing a distinctive style which was rarely heard before, making them stand out from the crowd.

There have been numerous music artists who have thrilled the audiences with their work. They have gone ahead and established themselves in a particular niche, having acclaimed global fame. We have a group of such talented artists who have formed MAFIA GIROH, which specializes in Punjabi trap/drill style music. Led by three talented individuals Arav berry, Mrinal berry and Rahul Gangwani, the music group has been garnering a huge fan following of late owing to their distinctive style of music making which has got them noticed worldwide.

Talking about their popularity, Arav says, “we are extremely grateful for having being accepted by the audiences. The music world has a wide landscape and there’s so much to do in this sphere. I’m glad that our style of music has been liked which has specifically been created keeping global reach and local needs, both in mind.” The group has made its way around the Punjabi trap/drill style music which has been immensely liked by the audiences, making them jump ahead of the popularity charts. What makes this type of music stand out is its uniqueness, which is distinct and sets it apart from the usual ones we hear today.

‘New Generation Music’ is what Desi youth across the globe have termed this style as it has created a deep impact on the Punjabi / Desi music industry as it is a perfect amalgamation of street culture in Punjab as well as the western life in a language that is spoken throughout Asia, Canada, US, UK and several other parts of the world. The group has been signed by PMG records, which is owned by three brothers who want to showcase this unique combination of music in front of the world. Trap and drill style music has already established a strong foothold in the UK , US and Canada music sphere, and is now on its way to make its mark in its country of origin along with other Asian countries.

To know more, connect to their Instagram on: www.instagram.com/panjabimafiagiroh

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