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Ma’an Authority Empowers Abu Dhabi Community Through Social Initiatives

Ma'an Authority Empowers Abu Dhabi Community Through Social Initiatives

More than 85,000 individuals benefit from impactful projects in 2022

The Authority of Social Contribution (Ma’an) in Abu Dhabi has been instrumental in positively impacting the lives of thousands of community members through various social projects and collaborations with third-sector institutions, government agencies, and private sector companies.

Established by the Department of Community Development – Abu Dhabi, Ma’an has facilitated significant social impact by fostering a vibrant third sector, including social enterprises and voluntary groups, while also fostering collaboration with public and private organizations to drive social innovation.

In 2022 alone, over 85,000 individuals benefited from Ma’an’s initiatives, with approximately Dh78 million invested across five key sectors: social, health, environment, education, and infrastructure. Through 58 programs, Ma’an made a substantial difference in the lives of 85,013 people, focusing on effective societal engagement, sustainable contributions, and ecosystem empowerment.

Addressing Critical Social Priorities

Ma’an has recently launched a reinforced program aimed at supporting non-profit institutions in developing their offerings to enhance service quality and implement initiatives for sustainable social impact. This initiative has extended support to 26 institutions dedicated to addressing critical social priorities in Abu Dhabi, including elderly care, disability support, community cohesion, and mental health promotion, among others.

Through community engagement and volunteering initiatives, Ma’an encourages and financially supports licensed non-profits, social enterprises, volunteer groups, schools, academia, and private sector organizations, enabling them to address social priorities effectively.

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Youth

Ma’an remains committed to empowering entrepreneurs through programs like the Ma’an Social Incubator (MSI), which has aided 54 social institutions in Abu Dhabi, providing them with the necessary tools and support to develop sustainable solutions and positively impact the community. Additionally, Ma’an’s efforts have facilitated economic growth among the youth by equipping them with the skills needed to build successful businesses.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Ma’an actively promotes healthy lifestyles through initiatives like the Community Engagement Volunteering Programme (CEVP). Partnering with ‘We Volunteer’ initiative by Haraka, Ma’an encourages residents to embrace active lifestyles. Programs like Active Parks by Haraka have successfully engaged thousands of participants, encouraging community members to utilize public parks and green spaces, fostering a culture of health and well-being.

Ma’an’s commitment to social initiatives underscores its dedication to building a cohesive, collaborative, and thriving community in Abu Dhabi, empowering individuals and organizations to create positive social change.

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