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Lulu Group unveils new hypermarket at Dubai Mall

Lulu Group makes a 72,000sq ft hypermarket in Dubai Mall.

Lulu Group makes a 72,000sq ft hypermarket in Dubai Mall.

The Lulu Group has made a significant announcement regarding the opening of a substantial new hypermarket, which is situated within Dubai Mall.

Massive 72,000 Square Foot Hypermarket

Spanning an impressive 72,000 square feet, this hypermarket represents a substantial addition to the retail landscape in Dubai. It is notable for its size and offerings.

Lulu Group’s Largest In-Mall Retail Center

This new hypermarket stands as the Lulu Group’s largest in-mall retail center, underlining its commitment to providing a diverse and expansive shopping experience within the mall.

24th Store in Dubai

With this opening, Lulu Group marks the establishment of its 24th store in the city of Dubai. This reflects the group’s presence and growth in the retail sector in the emirate.

The introduction of this massive hypermarket in Dubai Mall showcases Lulu Group’s dedication to offering an extensive shopping destination for residents and visitors alike in Dubai.

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