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LuLu Group International Plans Major IPO with Leading Banks

LuLu Group International Plans Major IPO with Leading Banks

Abu Dhabi-based retail giant, LuLu Group International, prepares for a substantial market debut with a significant initial public offering (IPO), tapping into the expertise of renowned financial institutions.

LuLu Group International, renowned for its expansive hypermarket chain across the Middle East, is making waves in the region’s financial sector. The conglomerate has reportedly initiated plans for a landmark IPO, enlisting the support of prominent financial institutions to spearhead this significant move.

According to reliable sources familiar with the matter, LuLu Group International has partnered with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC, Citigroup Inc., Emirates NBD Capital, and HSBC Holdings Plc to facilitate the IPO proceedings in Abu Dhabi. In addition, the company has appointed Moelis & Co. as an independent financial adviser to navigate the complexities of this strategic initiative.

While official details are yet to be disclosed, insiders suggest that LuLu Group International is eyeing a substantial capital raise, with projections indicating a potential fundraising target of up to $2 billion through the IPO. However, final decisions regarding the timing and valuation of the offering remain pending.

Reports hint at a tentative timeline for the IPO, with expectations set for the latter half of the current year. Furthermore, discussions have surfaced regarding the prospect of a dual listing in Riyadh, underscoring the company’s strategic considerations for its market debut.

Despite widespread speculation, representatives for LuLu Group International, Citigroup, and Emirates NBD declined to provide official comments on the matter. Similarly, ADCB and HSBC have refrained from immediate responses to media inquiries, maintaining a level of discretion around the anticipated IPO.

LuLu’s prospective IPO signifies a significant development in the Gulf region’s financial landscape, particularly amid heightened activity in the IPO market in recent years. Notably, the majority of IPOs in the United Arab Emirates have been led by state-owned enterprises, with private companies yet to explore opportunities in the public markets.

Founded by Indian entrepreneur Yusuff Ali during the Gulf region’s oil boom in the early 1990s, LuLu Group International has emerged as a powerhouse in the retail sector. With annual revenues surpassing $8 billion and a workforce exceeding 70,000 employees, the conglomerate boasts a formidable presence across 26 countries spanning the Middle East, Asia, the US, and Europe, as per its official website.

In parallel developments, another major player in the Middle Eastern supermarket landscape, Spinneys Dubai LLC, is reportedly gearing up for its own IPO in Dubai later this year.

As LuLu Group International gears up for its highly anticipated IPO, market observers and industry experts are keenly awaiting further developments, poised to witness the potential implications of this significant move on the region’s financial markets and retail sector.

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