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Liverpool vs Spurs VAR officials not selected in weekend games 

UAE Times Now

The VAR officials involved in poorly disallowing a goal for Liverpool at Tottenham have not been selected for this weekend’s Premier League matches.

Refereeing Error at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

During a recent football match, referee Darren England and assistant Dan Cook faced criticism for not overruling an offside decision incorrectly given against Luis Diaz.

Response from the Referees’ Governing Body

In response to this incident, the referees’ governing body, the PGMOL, acknowledged it as a “significant human error.”

Officials’ Assignments for Upcoming Matches

As a consequence of the mistake, Darren England and Dan Cook were relieved from their officiating duties for the remainder of the weekend.

Simon Hooper as VAR Official

Simon Hooper, the on-field referee during the aforementioned match, will be in charge of VAR for Bournemouth’s upcoming game against Everton.

Michael Oliver’s Roles

Michael Oliver, who served as the fourth official in that match, will have a busy weekend. He will take on the role of VAR official for Luton’s game against Tottenham on Saturday and will officiate on the field for Arsenal’s clash with Manchester City on Sunday.

Liverpool’s Response

It’s worth noting that Liverpool expressed dissatisfaction with the PGMOL’s response to the controversial incident, describing it as “unacceptable” and suggesting that “sporting integrity has been undermined.” 

The incident has sparked debates and discussions about the role of VAR in football officiating.

The handling of refereeing decisions and the assignments of officials continue to be significant topics of discussion within the football community.

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