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Link Your Emirates ID to Your Nol Card for Hassle-Free Refunds on Lost or Damaged Cards

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Dubai’s public transport system now offers an efficient way to secure refunds on lost or damaged Nol cards. By linking your Emirates ID to your Nol card through the ‘Nol Pay’ app, you can easily transfer your card balance to a new card. This process involves personalizing your Silver or Gold Nol card and reporting any loss or damage via the app. A nominal fee of AED30 applies for personalization. Follow simple steps in the app to link your Emirates ID and ensure peace of mind with your Nol card transactions.

To report a lost or damaged nol card using the ‘nol Pay’ app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the ‘More Services’ tab, then select ‘Report Lost/Damaged’.
  2. Log in using your credentials, UAE Pass, or as a guest.
  3. If your nol card is already linked in the app, simply select it to report. If not, enter the 10-digit Tag ID found on the back of your nol card.
  4. Input the PIN provided by the RTA and select the reason for your refund request.
  5. Submit your report, after which the balance from your lost or damaged card will be transferred to a new nol card.
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