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Legal Action Taken Against Viral Misinformation in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has launched legal proceedings against a mother and her son following the spread of a misleading viral video.

Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has initiated legal actions against a mother and son following the circulation of a viral video containing misinformation. 

The video falsely portrayed an eviction allegedly resulting from a judicial order issued by Abu Dhabi courts, clarified the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

Misrepresentation Unveiled:

The circulated video depicted the son claiming his mother was forcibly ousted from their residence by his father’s siblings. 

However, investigations revealed a lawsuit filed by the heirs seeking property eviction. The court ruled in favor of eviction, upholding the decision in the Court of Appeal, contradicting the claims made in the viral video.

Legal Background Revealed:

The Public Prosecution highlighted a separate personal status case where the father was obligated to provide monthly support of Dh2,500 to his son. 

Additionally, a rental fee of Dh30,000 per year for nursery housing was imposed from when the defendant vacated the nursery residence.

Call for Accountability in Sharing Information:

In response, the Public Prosecution urged residents to verify accuracy and credibility before disseminating content on social media platforms, emphasizing the repercussions of spreading misinformation.

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