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LeapCharger Introduces EV Chargers in Dubai Supermarkets

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A Leap into Convenient EV Charging

LeapCharger Corporation, a pioneering force in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, has recently announced a strategic move into the retail sector, intending to revolutionize the industry. This innovative step involves the launch of their home EV charging solutions in Dubai’s supermarkets, a decision influenced by a growing demand for accessible and efficient home charging options​​.

The initiative by LeapCharger is a direct response to a JD Power study, which showed that 80% of EV owners favor the convenience of home charging. Understanding this preference, LeapCharger has reimagined its product packaging, merging aesthetics with functionality for a premium unboxing experience. The package is comprehensive, including branded RFID cards and an enhanced application to facilitate the home charging process​​.

In a groundbreaking move, LeapCharger will partner with two leading supermarket chains in Dubai to distribute its home EV charging solutions. This venture is seen not just as a product offering but as a commitment to enhancing consumer engagement with electric mobility and promoting a sustainable lifestyle​​.

Shubham Kumar, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Consultant of LeapCharger, emphasizes that this expansion into retail is more than just selling a product; it’s about offering a sustainable lifestyle choice. Praveenkumar Vijayakumar, CEO of LeapCharger, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the anticipated benefits for Dubai’s residents. The company expects these home charging solutions to be available in stores by the first half of 2024, following the completion of negotiations and product approvals​​.

Additionally, LeapCharger plans to install 150kW+ charging stations at highway exits and petrol stations across the UAE in 2024. These high-speed stations will be supported by advertising revenue, offering competitive charging rates and quick recharge capabilities for drivers. These stations will also include 55-inch screens, serving as a valuable marketing tool and enhancing the LeapCharger brand visibility​​.

LeapCharger Corporation, based in the UAE, has a broader vision for its operations. The company aims to expand into North America, the EU, and South Asia, with a strategy focused on placing charging stations in high-traffic areas. They are developing a user-friendly mobile app to help users locate stations, reserve spots, and process payments. The company’s unique approach includes integrating advertising at its charging stations to create an additional revenue stream​​.

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