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Laura Everest: Triumph at the Dubai Marathon with Metal Feet

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An Inspirational Journey of Resilience and Determination

British expat Laura Everest, a leadership specialist and motivational speaker in Dubai, has achieved a remarkable feat by completing the 10 km race in the Dubai Marathon 2024. Her accomplishment is particularly noteworthy as she overcame significant physical challenges, including having both ankles rebuilt with titanium plates and screws, following a horrific road accident a decade ago.

The Accident and Its Aftermath

Ten years ago, Everest met with a tragic accident while jogging in Dubai. The impact of the speeding car resulted in severe injuries, including a detached right foot, a crushed left ankle, a broken left elbow, and extensive nerve damage. Over the years, she underwent 20 surgeries, with more planned ahead, to rebuild her body and regain mobility.

The Dubai Marathon: A Milestone Achievement

In 2024, Laura Everest participated in the Dubai Marathon, completing the 10 km race in 63 minutes, a remarkable achievement considering her past injuries and surgeries. Her preparation and resilience led her to finish ahead of two-thirds of the participants in her category.

A Strategy for Success

Everest’s strategy for the marathon involved starting slow and gradually increasing her pace. Despite not being able to run, she managed to keep a steady pace throughout the race, utilizing her ability to walk and trot faster than most can jog.

A Symbol of Overcoming Challenges

Laura’s story is a testament to her unwavering spirit and belief in herself. She exemplifies how one can overcome extreme challenges and achieve significant milestones. Her participation and success in the Dubai Marathon symbolize her strength, resilience, and determination.


Laura Everest’s journey from a life-altering accident to completing the Dubai Marathon is an inspiration to many. It highlights the power of perseverance and the human spirit’s ability to triumph over adversity.

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