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Launching the Greening Education Hub at Cop28: advancing climate education

The Greening Education Hub will emphasize education's vital role in mitigating climate change.

The Greening Education Hub will emphasize education’s vital role in mitigating climate change.


Amidst the Cop28 summit, a groundbreaking initiative is set to debut—the Greening Education Hub. This center aims to underscore the pivotal role of education in combating climate change, emphasizing its significance in addressing this global challenge.

Fostering Education for Climate Action

The Greening Education Hub will serve as a focal point, hosting over 250 sessions and workshops. Its primary objective is to bring together leaders, educators, and the youth to collectively tackle climate issues. 

The hub’s diverse array of themes includes leadership, educational reforms, green initiatives, actionable steps, and engagement of children and young minds.

Thematic Zones Reflecting Vision

Inspired by the legacy of UAE’s Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the hub will comprise four distinct zones. 

Each zone will concentrate on critical themes such as fostering sustainable schools, empowering educators in climate education, integrating environmental awareness into curriculums, and promoting community-driven initiatives for sustainable educational practices.

Innovative Engagement

Designed to be immersive and interactive, the hub will feature engaging displays and virtual simulations. This setup aims to offer an enriching experience for attendees, fostering deeper understanding and active participation.

Expo City Dubai: Venue and Duration

Scheduled to launch at Expo City Dubai, the Greening Education Hub will be an integral part of the Cop28 climate conference, scheduled from November 30 to December 12. This strategic location ensures accessibility and visibility, facilitating meaningful engagement and collaboration among participants.


The establishment of the Greening Education Hub marks a significant step toward emphasizing the vital role of education in addressing climate challenges. Its diverse themes and innovative approach promise a dynamic platform to foster collaboration and action, embodying the spirit of collective responsibility and progress toward a sustainable future.

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