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Kuwait Detects Covid-19 J.1 Strain, Health Ministry Responds

The development of the COVID-19 J.1 strain in Kuwait has been confirmed, according to the Ministry of Health.

The emergence of the COVID-19 J.1 strain has been confirmed in Kuwait, as announced by the Ministry of Health’s official spokesperson on Thursday.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Health, disclosed the detection of the J.1 variant in Kuwait. He emphasized that while this finding was acknowledged, there was no immediate cause for alarm.

Current Measures and Perspective:

Dr. Al-Sanad highlighted that no extraordinary preventive measures have been implemented at present. He pointed out the seasonal trend of increased viral and respiratory illnesses during this period.

Recommended Actions for Individuals:

Individuals experiencing symptoms have been advised to maintain distance from others and promptly seek medical advice, particularly if symptoms intensify.

Healthcare professionals working in medical facilities have been instructed to wear masks during working hours as a precautionary measure.

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