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King Abdullah II of Jordan commences state visit to Abu Dhabi

The king starts his state trip on Wednesday.

The king starts his state trip on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, King Abdullah II of Jordan embarked on a state visit to Abu Dhabi, marking a significant diplomatic engagement.

Warm Welcome by President Sheikh Mohamed

Upon his arrival at Al Bateen Airport in Abu Dhabi, King Abdullah II was warmly welcomed by President Sheikh Mohamed. The cordial reception underlines the importance of this state visit.

Strengthening Bilateral Ties

This visit by the Jordanian monarch, scheduled to begin on Wednesday, follows a formal invitation from Sheikh Mohamed. It serves as a clear indication of the commitment of both leaders to strengthen the bonds between their nations.

Promoting Development and Prosperity

Beyond diplomatic relations, the visit aims to further the development and prosperity of both countries and their respective populations. It is a testament to their dedication to shared growth and collaboration.

UAE Armed Forces Escort

To ensure a secure and smooth arrival, the plane carrying King Abdullah was accompanied and escorted by elements of the UAE Armed Forces until it touched down in the capital of the UAE.

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