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Kick vs. Twitch: The New Streaming Platform Challenge

The Kick vs. Twitch battle is sure to pique the interest of any streaming lover.

The Kick vs. Twitch face-off is poised to catch the eye of every streaming fanatic. 

Twitch’s APAC Content Director, Lewis Mitchell, remains unworried about the rival platform and instead welcomes the competition in the live-streaming industry.

Twitch’s Dominance and Past Challenges:

Twitch stands as the leading streaming platform in the world, but it has encountered challenges and turmoil in the past. 

Previous streaming wars witnessed platforms like Mixer, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming attempting to compete with Twitch by signing exclusive deals with popular streamers. 

However, most of these platforms failed to challenge Twitch’s dominance, eventually giving up or scaling back their efforts.

Kick – A New Challenger Emerges:

A new challenger, Kick, has emerged in the live-streaming arena. Kick is a new streaming platform attracting some of Twitch’s biggest stars with lucrative contracts and better revenue splits. 

It’s making headlines with its aggressive strategy and a reported $100 million non-exclusive deal with xQc, one of Twitch’s most-watched streamers.

Twitch’s Positive Outlook on Competition:

Twitch, owned by Amazon, is not intimidated by Kick’s rise and sees it as a positive sign for the livestreaming industry. 

Lewis Mitchell, Twitch’s APAC Content Director, expressed his contentment with the increased investment in the live streaming, seeing it as a testament to Twitch’s success.

Embracing Growth and Competition:

Mitchell acknowledges that more investments in the livestreaming space indicate they are “doing something right.” The competition is viewed as beneficial for the industry and its growth. Twitch’s primary focus is on its creators and their needs.

Staying Focused on Creators:

Mitchell reiterates that Twitch is not concerned with what Kick is doing and that they remain focused on their creators, listening to their feedback and ensuring they are provided with what they need. 

The industry’s growth is seen as an opportunity for others to come in and contribute to its development.

No Surprise at the Value of Streaming Deals:

Mitchell also said he was not surprised by the substantial value of some streaming deals, such as xQc’s $100 million deal with Kick. 

Twitch continues prioritizing its creators while recognizing that others may invest differently in the industry.

This structured format helps readers better understand the competition dynamics between Kick and Twitch and Twitch’s perspective on it.

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