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Key Points Regarding Workplace Harassment and Reporting Procedures

Workplace harassment is treated seriously in the UAE, and legislation is in place to protect employees from such behaviour.

In the UAE, workplace harassment is taken seriously, and the law is in place to protect employees from such behavior. Harassment can take various forms, including verbal abuse and yelling.

Here are some key points regarding workplace harassment and reporting procedures:

  1. Definition of Harassment: Harassment in the workplace includes actions such as verbal, physical, or mental abuse against an employee by an employer, manager, or colleagues. This is strictly prohibited under UAE labor laws.
  2. Reporting Harassment:
  • If you experience Harassment from a co-worker, you should report the incident to your employer. Your employer must provide a safe and appropriate working environment for employees.
  • If the Harassment is by your employer, you should report the incident to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  1. Internal Investigation: Upon receiving a complaint, your employer should perform an internal investigation to determine the claim’s veracity. If the investigation confirms Harassment, disciplinary actions should be taken against the offending party.
  2. Disciplinary Actions: The disciplinary actions that can be imposed on an employee found guilty of Harassment may include written notices (warnings), suspension from work, denial of increment, deduction of salary, or even termination of employment.
  3. Termination for Employee Harassment: If an employee is found to have committed verbal, physical, or other forms of assault against colleagues, the employer has the privilege to dismiss the employee without prior notice. The dismissal decision should be in writing and reasoned.
  4. Protection for Whistleblowers: UAE labor laws protect employees who report workplace harassment. If you report Harassment and face retaliation from your employer, you have the right to quit your job without notice while preserving your entitlements.
  5. Timely Reporting: It is crucial to report incidents of Harassment promptly. In cases of Harassment by an employer, you should report the incident to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation within five working days from the date on which you can report.

It’s important to note that labor laws and regulations can change over time, so it’s advisable to confer with a legal expert or your HR department to ensure you are aware of the most current regulations and procedures regarding workplace harassment in the UAE. 

Additionally, keeping records of incidents and communication related to Harassment can be valuable in case you need to register a complaint or seek legal recourse.

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